16 January 2011

Be Fruitful and Multiply

In the early hours on Saturday January 15 the spirit of the Lord impressed something I hadn’t seen about a scripture. Be Fruitful and then Multiply! More than a simple passage in God’s Word – but an ever perpetuating truth drawn from the deep wells of His Spirit. Man, I love the Lord’s deep rivers and rich resources!

In the 3rd hour of the morning came a compressed download concerning a nugget of truth concerning the time that we are in. Like other information that comes mostly in dreams, I spend the time meditating, inquiring and loading it into my spirit so I can get the skinny on what the Lord is saying today.

Audibly I heard, “Be fruitful and multiply”

Simply put, the Lord showed me the meaning of this ‘compound sentence’ found in the Book of Genesis 1:22 - principles intended to flow out into all facets of life.

In the book of Genesis - the explanation of creation, the preceding verses in chapter 1 a fundamental description is outlined about how the Lord fashioned the earth, distributed the raw materials for produce in the form of grasses and herbs that yields seed, and the fruit trees that yield fruits whose seed is in its self on the earth. Next the animal life then the creation of man with whom He gave dominion and was to govern all. (You know the story). Gen 2:5 reads; ‘before any plant of the field was in the earth and before any herb of the field had grown, for the Lord had not caused it to rain on the earth’ (the earth was void of purpose that is before he created man and living creatures). And there was no man to till the ground.

God created a special garden eastward in Eden as a habitation for Adam and placed him there. Eden then was to be a central location rich in resources, abundant in healing fruits and from which the wealth of Mans’ fellowship with the Lord would flow out of the main river and part into four riverheads; Pi’shon meaning one which skirts the whole land where there is gold. Gi’hon –one that goes around the whole land of Cush, Hid’dekel –one that goes to the east of Assyria and Euphrates. Gen 2:10.

The application to this Rehma word is twofold: 1- While the condition of the earth is a far cry from the atmosphere surrounding Eden, the Lord is still active in planting, seed throwing. And until we are relieved by the trumpet shout -we remain in charge of cultivating the earth. 2- Bearing fruit and multiplication. Yes, the Lord is still expecting a crop and we can see exponential growth especially in the latter rain.

So what is the Lord saying? The passage in Genesis can be viewed accordingly;

   1- Being fruitful is to be productive, making use of the ample provisions the Lord distributes on the  earth as in Gen 2:5. Being fruitful is the reward of good stewardship and management of all resources.

   2- Multiplication is the exponential growth more appropriately termed as reproduction.

One application of this vision was also translated in terms of the current conditions of the inhabitants of the earth. Whole nations are suffering for because of the lack of wisdom found in the Word of God. I literally saw droves of persons sneaking into the United States (illegals) who are void of understanding, who have not been giving a ‘religious heritage’ who have not been taught to fear the Lord and who come hear not to till the land but to rob from and strip it! As a result, those who are not contributors and producers are bleeding the resources of the great nation.

Yet another disheartening reality is the condition of our own children who are not being taught the basics. Problems and conflicts are the fruits of ignorance and unfortunately these issues will perpetuate themselves to future generations.

It is on us church! Our homes, our work, our government officials, our nation all benefit from the rich resources that are found in the river of God. And in this very hour the Wisdom of the Lord is to be scattered like seed.

We are called to occupy and to be a central location rich in resources, abundant in healing fruits and from which the wealth of mans’ fellowship with the Lord would flow out of the main river and part into the riverheads being our homes, occupations, government and economy.

26 September 2010

A Word from the Michigan Capital

This latest posting comes following a brief meeting in Lansing Michigan with fellow warriors who have secured a facility right across the street from the capital building. The Lord spoke to me and directed me to ‘Arise and go!’ and that my wife and I did. Within minutes after arriving it was very evident that the Lord was in the decision to secure the facility for duration. In the dedication of prayer at the facility - I saw some very clear visions that were very strong:
- Increased angelic movement. This largely due to the obedience of the saints in this great nation and those in Michigan storming the capital building with prayer these last few years.
-  This angel is in fact a warring angel and is assigned to bring discomfort and uneasiness to politicians who have sold their souls to injustice and have defected from their constitutional oaths.
-  Like an oil slick was being poured out on the floor of both houses and will cause the weak to fall.
- That the Lord is pouring out to the saints an Ezekiel anointing on key people as a sign to ‘a nation’ and more specifically this state of God’s displeasure for the mishandling of the states’ affairs and malfeasance in office.
- This time is very unique in that the United States has been ‘primed’ for such a time as this.


Isa 60 - Arise; shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people: But the Lord will arise over you…His glory will be seen upon you. The gentiles shall come to your light, the kings of brightness to your rising.

Most of the references in the old and New Testament using the directive ‘Arise’ were in fact an order of the Spirit given through prophets as from the Lord or an angelic visitation. The Lord said to Abram Gen 13:17; Arise, walk in the land through its length and its width, for I give it to you. There are a lot of “go down to” directives in word that were navigational instructions that led to either a resource, a divine connection to meet one prepared to receive, to build, to tear down, to war, or to avoid a landmine and “get out of dodge”!

Whatever the case, the operative word is a directive for action, specifically in the Word of God is nothing short of several progressive appointments with destiny and receiving something tangible from the Lord.
Gen; 13:17 A’-walk through the land, Deut; 9:12 A’ –get thee down quickly, 10:11 A-take your journey to, J’g; 7:15 A’-for the Lord hath delivered, 1 Sa 16:12 A’-go anoint him, 1 Ki: 21:15 A’-take possession of the land…go down to meet Ahab king of, 2Ki; 1:3 Go down and meet the messengers. Neh; 2:20 we his servants will A’ and build.The people of God have also petitioned the Lord to Arise in their circumstances in war; Ps; 3:7 A’ O Lord and save me…..let not man prevail and so one and so forth.


The church is called to war in a much different way. On a national and even world scale, this current condition will be a catalysis to unify the Body of Christ and connect persons in providential rule. 

Confronters: We are being called upon to cross swords with the enemies in the land. This is going to require an even balance of might and grace. God has men and women waiting in the wings who have been trained in the art of true war which is spiritual. It is this company that will be respected and received by the world as an oasis.  “Just watch who comes under the power of his hand!”

Credibility: It is very important that we maintain a right spirit. Don’t be a zealot! The Lord is going to call for the sages in the land to come out and fight in this one; Men and women who are well-informed, skilled in the language of the law and are prepared for a graceful confrontation.


“But where say some is the King of America? I’ll tell you friend, he reigns above, and doth not make havoc of mankind… Let it be brought forth placed on the divine law, the word of God: let a crown be placed thereon, by which the world may know… that in America THE LAW IS KING.”- Thomas Paine.

28 February 2010



On this day, the Spirit of the Lord showed me something that is very precious to Him - the spirit found in Ruth. This will be an intense anointing coming to the Body of Christ and it will have a sweet aroma.

We see from the Book of Ruth the portrait of a Moabite woman redeemed by the God of Israel. Ruth's "rags to riches" story is ultimately a prophetic example of the church in her relation to Christ and the future marriage supper of the Lamb. The account of the life of Ruth was canonized in the Bible to be a source of true inspiration, and even more so, a lesson for every disciple of both genders.

I was drawn to seek out the Book of Ruth after sensing a very powerful download of what the Lord is stirring in this time. The first thing He showed me is the release of power coming on women this year. Secondly, He showed me how the spirit found in Ruth is about to spill over onto men. This anointing will not necessarily be gender specific, but it is a portion from the harvest fields of Boaz. It is a move by the Lord in this time to remind the whole body that He is coming for a bride.

The body of Christ has for some time now been in a real war - both spiritually and physically. Men, in particular, like the warriors they should be, have a tendency to be swordsman all the time. It is easy to stay in fight mode. This is good in the sense that, especially today, men are doing battle politically and physically. However, men are sometimes weaker when it comes time for the spiritual battleground. I see the Lord revealing to men the mystery of the intimacy seen in His Word. It is as if the Body of Christ is being fitted for a garment and it will require some real letting go.

The beautiful thing about the Godhead is it's ever unfolding complexities and absolute majesty. This includes all facets of His character including the male and feminine attributes. This is very hard for the natural man, and men in particular, to grasp. Notwithstanding, the Lord's embrace on His church shall be felt in these times ahead, but this release is NOW. This is not an effeminate impartation but a strengthening as the Lord balances the way we view the Lord. The Lord is both fraternal and maternal and to experience Him fully we must be able to receive from both aspects of His nature.


As I looked into the Book of Ruth today certain aspects of her life were highlighted and it explained the form this anointing takes.
The name Ruth is a contraction of Reuth which means "the act of seeing","sight" or "objective sight", "something worth seeing". It is also the word for "friendship" or a "female friend". Rue in Rueth means "friend of God." The contraction contains two parts "the early beauty of the child", and "the amiable and affectionate disposition characteristic of the woman". The characteristic of Ruth for end-time is friendship shown in her relationship to her mother-in-law Naomi. Ruth had an effect on Naomi who left Moab bitter. Ruth turned her sourness to sweetness.

Ruth's life in Moab began with a marriage to Naomi's son Mahlon (sickly one or invalid one)who died as did the wife of Mahlon's twin brother Chilion(the pinning one) husband to Orpah and ended up leaving Moab which at the time was filled with chaos and worship of false god's and disobedience to God. She insisted on staying at Naomi's side returning to Jerusalem keeping an exquisite expression of love and loyalty as one who was a cut above the rest. Despite her heathen background and association with the degenerated tribe of Moab, Ruth became a true worshipper of the true God. Ruth's decision to follow Jehovah brought her a rich reward, and she became the ancestress to the Savior of the world.

Having arrived in Jerusalem for the first time she went forth with the reapers of grain with a joy and confidence that the God she had come to trust would look after her. Ruth was not ashamed of the low order of her work, and she took her place as a gleaner with the poor and outcast in the fields of Boaz. Before long she would stand as a virtuos woman and capture the heart of Boaz. Because of their union Boaz would become immortalized because of his loving kindness toward Ruth the poor Moabitess.

Here is the essence of the spirit of the Ruth anointing;

1)She is a deep seer. 2) She is loyal in covenant. 3)She is able to leave her home town and give up her culture, people and language and be supplanted in a foreign land and become a missionary caring for and identifying with the poor. 4)Her offspring are worshippers...Obed their son means "a servant who worships" 5) Her life is a beautiful portrait of a woman after God's own heart. She is not domineering but is able to find prosperity through humility. 6) Ruth's outstanding qualities of unselfishness and loyalty are the foundations upon which true happiness can be built.

The spirit of Ruth will be released as a fragrance through the Lord's handmaidens in this hour. The spirit of Ruth will be displayed in men as well. It will be a character balance of those who are called to take the land. This anointing will be dispensed by those who carry fragrances - primarily women. You will know them when they stand in your presence. You will feel the refreshing spirit that rests upon them.

The spirit of Ruth will allow a breaking of the alabaster box so that tears of healing will again flow in the church. Because women know how to weep, instruction will come to the church as tears bring warring angels and are a part of the end-time strategy for overcoming.

The spirit of Ruth will bridge the gap and turn bitterness to joy like the effect Ruth had on Naomi.

The spirit of Ruth with shine a light into dark places and expose things hidden in darkness.

The spirit of Ruth will be a uniter and will usher in healing.

The spirit of Ruth is at hand.

31 January 2010

2010 Part II

A prophetic journal
Part II of the Year 2010

Dear reader;

At the beginning of this New Year I was driven back to the writing pad to document a dream to be released to the Body of Christ as a trumpet call on what the Lord is doing this year. I am aware of an awakening that is occurring in our midst.

In Part I. I shared a dream and prophetic vision of 2010. Because of the nature of revelation being a bit strong during the time of receiving, I have found it wise to stop at a certain point to let what I believe God has spoken to saturate my spirit and receive further guidance as to what to do with the information. It is also always a good biblical policy – especially for those who prophecy to judge and let it be judged; The spirit of the prophets - are subject to the prophets 1 Cor 14:29-32. –especially in these controversial times we live in to be as clear and precise as possible being certain to be His best spokesmen. With that in mind I continue submitting these journals and invite you to weigh the content against what is given to others who are tasked to contribute a portion of what God may be saying today.

Part II a journal for 2010:

In Part I, I shared a vision I received on the first day of the year. Part II consists of more clarification of the initial revelation.

1) I was shown an army of angelic hosts mobilizing for this time sent to minister to the saints in the midst of the battle field. The more I sought this out the clearer it was that there was going to be angelic presence protection and strength for the times ahead.
2) That God is preparing and equipping regional leaders.
3) That movement from heaven that will cause tremors in the government.
4) It was revealed that this is going to be a year of ‘God's government’.
5) Movement starting in cities.
6) God will issue an indictment on terrorism

1) Angelic positioning:
Angels are being dispatched to regions. These are warring angels described in many of the books of the Old and New Testaments. Their function is to provide portholes in the heavens whereby the saints can be encouraged and refreshed in battle. Because of certain strongholds who occupy in this earthly realm due to Lucifer’s fall, the saints will need an edge to maneuver and take authority in cities. (See phase VI)

2) Equipping Leaders:
The priesthood is being cleansed and restored. God is bringing a revival and fresh revelation about our position in the body of Christ as priests who will again understanding about their roles as mediators and peacemakers. The Lord has already spoken to prophets in the Carolina’s and given detailed revelation about this revival and revelation to the saints. This move of God will be responsible for moving the church out of walls of the church and back into public leadership roles. This message will spread nation wide in this year.

The Lord is keying in on missed links in communication between the church and government. The current sobering we have experienced here in America has come as a result of God’s own hand. He has shown what can only be described as a disconnect and mistrust between leaders in those respective realms. This I believe due to the lack of involvement in world and government affairs and the past the inability of the church to adequately relate in a proper spirit. It is evident in many churches that there is a bit if a stir. The Lord is very active adjusting the attitudes of the saints.
Many pastors and teachers will be put to task on developing the Body of Christ in the biblical mandate of maturing the saints. Eph 4: Not an easy task but far more productive than maintaining the norm. To achieve this, many will receive an increase of dreams and visions spoken of in the Book of Joel: Joel 2:28. These visions are strategies are anointed strategies that will be deployed as ministry offices organized as trans-local teams. Those teams will prove to be powerful and have authority as a three-fold cord. Once realigned they will go to the front lines having a renewed sense of purpose with increased effectiveness in churches, local government, military and the courts. The Lord is teaching the church how to function in positions of authority in government. As one who is employed in a governmental position as a peace officer, I have experienced first hand many in the community who trust neither entity.

Public Servants:
The key to true authority is having a noble and true spirit of excellence toward those we serve. This means taking on the characteristics of a servant who can exercise restraint and who is willing to declare through deeds that we are a different breed and of the Kingdom of God.

My role in the public as a peace officer I have found that being direct straight and honest with persons who file complaints, witnesses to crimes and perpetrators alike has proven to be most fruitful. As a result I have enjoyed a record of getting good cooperation in criminal investigations and have been able to solve many cases all without having to lie and manipulate. There has been a significant increase in police dramas on television and much of which give the wrong impression about police and politicians depicting public servants as unethical. This has a tendency to sow doubt into the minds of viewers and fosters mistrust of government officials. The bottom line is whatever office or profession we serve in, we will do well to run clean campaigns and become trusted by the people from all walks because we are servants. People are more inclined to support a servant over a dictator hands down.

Apologizing and Identifying with our region:
Identifying with persons who have been offended and apologizing for the sins of this nation including local officials who have given offices of trust a bad name. This is good and it is to be the role of ‘weeping prophets’ who grieve the loss of a Nations’ morals and departure from the foundations on which any great city is founded. This is a key point and I have experienced the fruit of this strategy throughout my career. Many are the number of people who I have had to interview as witnesses to a crime or who’s family member are a victim of a crime that begin with stories of being offended by a police officer. Some are simply disgruntled and hard to reason with, but others were truly justified in their complaint. I have found it a good policy to apologize on the behalf of my brothers and sisters in the law enforcement field and learn from those mistakes.

3) Governmental shaking:
In Part I, I shared a vision given on the first day; ‘Politicians who have disgraced the U.S. Constitution with perverted laws and bills would become fearful and act utterly stupid because God is about to confound the wise.’
At the time of drafting Part II I was elated and felt a great sense of joy when in the Massachusetts Senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy was filled by a semi-conservative Scott Brown. Very significant, and I do believe it was a response from heaven to prayers and petitions of Christians. There will be more to come. As I inquired further revelation on this I sensed that the Lord is pleased with His people who have pressed in and interceded on the behalf of this nation. Moreover, those who have evaluated current world affairs have taken to the Lord have brought petitions to the Lord on behalf of our government.

A division in politics:
1) The Lord is disciplining and confusing political thinking. This current political turmoil is not entirely due to any particular candidate or the faults of the current administration in Washington. While a lot of the blame goes those in congress who cast their votes, it comes back to ‘We the People who put them in that seat to speak on our behalf. It is time to start calling them out and hold them accountable.

2) I can’t help but see the Lord’s hand when I see all of the feathers flying. While it is serious on one hand - it is comical on the other. I just love the Lord and His powerful ways! We are indeed so very small and needy and recent events should make us all realize it. Our nation’s inability to stay their reckless course is very obvious, like trying to keep a bowling ball on the deck of a ship in a storm. In all the scrambling the Lord can set this nation on the right course again. Many politicians will fall but the Lord has already prepared replacements. This is a result of God’s people crying out to Him and His answer to this nation.

The shake out:
There are at least two types of persons being exposed in the political arena;
1. Negative critics who are always in dissension who can never agree on any progressive change. Like a stubborn horse and who buck and seek to depart from the constitutional guidelines.
2. Positive peacemakers who come to terms and are solution oriented in the affairs of the nation. They are mindful of the basis for public office is the constitution and -We the People. The latter are those who will be raised up and used in a very profound way in the days ahead.

4) It was revealed that this is going to be a year of ‘God's government’.
I see the Lord planting representatives who are full of the Holy Spirit in the 3 branches of the U.S. government – Executive, Judicial and Legislative. These servants will have a ‘Daniel Anointing’

Daniel Anointing:
It has been my experience that community officials will gain respect for Christians when we get off our ‘religious horse’ back unto ground level and start speaking the language of the people.
To illustrate this may I draw your attention to the Book of Daniel who was a prophet used and trusted in a governmental role. 1) Officials looked to him for counsel. 2) He was in-tune, keenly aware and accurate with information. 3) He was sanctified unto the Lord but could rise to the occasion when called upon to be a light and be instrumental in the affairs of kings. He was an ambassador of heaven and earth. This is a very key component. I believe that the Lord is able to give the church a ‘Daniel anointing’ and to see just how powerful it is let us look at the example in ministry to government.

Keys found in the Book of Daniel:
1) Daniel was a captive of Judah and the king of Babylon took Daniel among others who were nobles. The criteria for serving was that these nobles were gifted in all wisdom, possessing knowledge and quick to understand, who had the ability to serve in the kings palace, and whom they might teach the language and literature of the Chaldean's. This is vital in being good ambassadors; becoming familiar with the language of people groups. Not just dialects, but knowing were people are coming from, their cultures and beliefs. This is a day where we are to give ourselves to this understanding.
There are many of Daniels attributes that enabled him to rise to favor. And during that period he was made ruler over the whole providence of Babylon. Dan 2:48. This passage, if viewed from a religious spirit could be over looked as we know Babylon was a city that came under judgment. After all, how can the man of God serve such an unstable king in and his kingdom.It was because Daniel was not serving the earthly king but was operating on a whole different level, having the spiritual eye of an eagle seeing a much broader picture.

2) Daniel distinguished himself over all the rulers and satraps because an excellent spirit was in him. The king gave thought of setting him over the whole realm. Dan 6:3.
This is a position God’s people should be in. God gave Daniel favor because he was teachable and a different kind of warrior. And when it came time to be tested at the hands of his accusers and when he was thrown to the lions he remained stable. And just look at the response of Nebuchadnezzar and compelled to enforce his decree ordering Daniels execution. Nebuchadnezzar did not rest the day Daniel was thrown to the lions. Because of his exposure to Daniels God, faith rose up in him that His God would intervene – and He did. It is interesting to note that God sent an angel to close the lion’s mouth preventing the animal from harming Daniel. Dan 6:20-22.

The lessons found in Daniel are a common traits or character deposits from the God who drives them deep into the spirit of those who seriously grasp who the Lord really is. Daniel was trained in the art of war in the secret place of the Most -High God. Daniel was taken to the place where he found wisdom and deep revelation that resulted in having the ability to fight on a much different level. I want that - don’t you? It is this same inpartation that will propel the church toward a partnership with the Lord in the commission of the great harvest!

Confronters and Peacemakers:
This year and forward marks the year of when God calls out additional attributes. Jesus ministry was all about people. After all it was the very reason He left heaven. When we look at some of His exploits it is clear that He was not weak. Jesus knew what, when and how to confront. He did not make it political nor did He gather an army and call down the wrath of heaven to level the arrogant leaders who were blind to the Kingdom of God. But Jesus introduced just how the purposes of His Father would be accomplished. Jesus was assertive and in the true meaning of the word; forcefully strong, noticeable and confident and able to state His position and claim. The Lord does want to teach us how to be confronters - skilled in the art of pulling back the bow string, knowing how to hit the target identifying just what to aim at.

Soldiers are necessary in this dispensation, especially today, because of the need to keep peace. One translation is skilled and experienced fighter or warrior or military strategist. Soldiers are defenders of our societies and keep the peace. Today’s leaders will be groomed in the art of war whose’ purpose be that of a peacemaker and bring reconciliation to others.

The same qualifications set forth in the instructions given to Timothy from the apostle Paul applies today. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself in the affairs of this life, II Tim 2:4. The term entanglement means; 1) involve somebody or something in a problem that will be difficult to escape from, 2) to make something more complicated or confusing. The Lord is going to use persons like Daniel who know how not to be entangled with corporate politics but remain free from the net that brings death in the form of ineffectiveness.

4) It was revealed that this is going to be a year of ‘God's government’.
Is 9:6 ...and the government rests on His shoulders. ‘That in doing so the yoke of the world's issues are to be declared by God's people as transferred to the heavens.’ As a result I feel as though the Lord has brought full-circle recompense and conviction upon the heads of evil-doers who mishandle this governments resources and seek to dismantle our great Constitution which by the way is a sacred God-Inspired ingenious structure for democracy. The drafters of the constitution were men who feared and revered the Lord.

There is an awakening happening and a compelling from the Lord of Hosts. It’s a military call requiring leaders to suit up and await His orders. Not to be construed as an act of conventional warfare but a different battle cry. Cities will be taken through strategies that are to be guided by the sages of the land and their wisdom will ensure success.
Jesus said the Meek with inherit the earth. Mt 5:5. The Bible does not teach a liberal distribution of authority, but true positions will be given to those who are of a humble spirit. It will be these who will be given the reigns here on the earth and The Kingdom to come will be governed by Christ and those who rule and reign with Him. The Greek translation for the regional leaders over His people referred to in both the Old and New Testament is angels or messengers.

Patriotism defined: A proud supporter or defender of his or her country or way of life; loyalty, partisanship, devotion.
A wave of patriotism will flood the land. I personally haven’t felt so strong about the direction of this nation until the last 4 years. God does shine on the country and like the nations in the Old Testament He is slow to anger and will stir up His spokesman to start His own kind of war. This is a great time to be in the Lord’s army.

5) Movement starting in cities.
So now in 2010 why is God making an appeal to cities? He is actually exposing some long-standing deception and blowing a trumpet announcing that He is coming back to pay us a visit.The word City is seen well over one thousand times in the Bible. A brief look of Jesus ministry shows He addressed several people groups in different cities. He made declaration; He wept over in and even cursed whole cities. The beginning of the end for many cities was the rejection of the Lord and in the end became mockeries. Not a good climate for business or tourism.

The keys to the end of death and corruption are found in the book of Joel 2:

1) The hearing of the sound of the trumpet which is an instruction from the Lord to call the city out and wake up! The voice of the Lord …. a voice of reason that requires steps taken by leaders to activate and motivate the people in the city.
2) Gathering the people, setting apart the congregation and all saying in a unified front spare your people. IN THE CITY which describes a ‘congregation’ of those who have chosen to reside together. The Lord does place responsibility on the citizens of the city …… not just clergy or priests all of the people!
3) The Lord does set a value on this change of direction promising to rebuke the devourer! ‘I will repay you for the years that the locust have eaten’ That means the local economy gets going again.
4) An open heaven and removal of the dark cloud of death and blindness; …..
Then afterward, I will pour out My spirit on all flesh; your sons shall prophecy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. Even male and female slaves, in those days I will pour out My Spirit. You see the whole city prospers.

The practical application;

It is very important to realize the time that we are now standing in. It is vital that we as Christian’s learn how to communicate better. Much of what has been shared in this journal is spiritual and should be seen as visionary in nature. It is the nature of the prophetic. While this is true, it is this author’s intention to use the revelation to become more effective in communicating with the general public and to the diversity of cultures we come in contact with.
Many are the hard lessons learned by Christian’s in past campaigns that have gone armed with ‘spiritual clubs’ and literally drove people away. This should not be so. I am ever mindful of the Lord’s appeal He had with the common folk and how simple he made it to believe in Him.
If what the prophets are saying around this great nation is true, then we better prepare ourselves to be able to deliver when we are called upon to occupy seats in government. This can only happen if we are credible and believable.

6) God will issue an indictment on terrorism:
Indictment: a formal accusation of a serious crime, presented to a grand jury.

I do believe that GOD’S GOT THIS ONE! HE is both judge and jury.
I really feel strongly about this issue. Terrorists are at war with the God of Israel who is also declared the God of the United States. It is imperative that Christians pray effectively and continually over this. At the time of this writing of this second part of this New Year prophetic Journal, I was drawn to the news reports are that a chief Taliban leader was killed.

“The head of the Taliban in Pakistan, Hakimullah Mehsud, was killed in a U.S. drone attack, Pakistan state television reported Sunday.”
This is significant!! It is the key in foiling the plans of the enemy. I have seen this first hand when our law enforcement task force has singled out leaders of gangs and gotten them indicted. Leaders such as the ones listed pose a very serious treat and must be eliminated and if captured must fall under the jurisdiction of the military.

It is interesting to note that the recent debate in America over court jurisdiction in the case of self-professed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is at the forefront and an issue of debate:
“Up to now, the Obama administration has stood by Attorney General Eric Holder's decision to move the suspects, including, from the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to New York to be tried in federal court rather than before a military commission, as many Republicans have demanded.”

“The White House is not backing down from its stance that a civilian trial is appropriate and worthy venue for seeking to bring the alleged conspirators to justice.”

"President Obama is still committed to trying Mohammed and four other terrorist detainees in federal court," spokesman Bill Burton told the Daily News on Thursday. "He agrees with the attorney general's opinion that ... (the detainees) can be litigated successfully and securely in the United States of America, just like others have."

As Christian we need to pray that this current administration get some understanding about these terrorists and place them in the hands of the military courts. These terrorist do are not to benefit from this nations constitutional rights. They are premeditating murdering haters of God’s people.

As Christians we need to realize something today about this war that is wagging in the heavens. These extremist’s are those who have been steeped in the cup of great deception for generations. They are blind and have only linear vision. Arguing with this spirit is futile!

This is a very strong and dark power and it will take nothing less than a move by the Lord of Hosts to put a bit in the mouth of this dark horse. As I seek God’s heart over this seemingly daunting task the more I realize how much of a divine move of God it will take to shake the heavens in these lands and show His mighty power. I am convinced that many Muslims can and will get saved in the last days. I pray that the Lord keep His church in tune with strategies to minister to these people and that the Spirit of the Lord bring a strong anointing to reveal His power to them.

I recently spoke with a man from Lebanon who has a mansion near the border of Israel. The man is a believer in Druze sect of Islam. His neighbors are prime ministers of Dubai and Kuwait. My relationship with this man was such that he shared a very powerful conviction he had concerning Israel: He told me that whenever he and his family cross the border into Israel “The hair on my arms stand up strait because of the power of Israels God that is felt in that land” When he said that it hit me too! What an absolute testimony of divine power that is reigning in the that land. God is watching over His covenant and ever present. Many are the true accounts of God’s divine provinces. The Lord will indeed intervene against the enemies of his people. I am at the edge of my seat this year watching for the next strategic strike.

Author's note:

This really seems to be a time when God is connecting people –like connecting the dots on a graph so it is that the Lord seems to linking people and increasing communication confirming strategies in this era. Everyday I receive ‘downloads.’ They are very unpredictable and I find myself having to scramble for something to write it down with. 10 years ago I started journaling because the Lord told me that if I didn’t record it, it would not continue to be spilled out. I asked no questions and began writing and dating it with fear and trepidation.

The last decade of journaling, I would learn later, would come together as a book that is nearing completion. What a challenge it has been! Ask anyone who knows me, I would rather be in my woodshop - trust me. Writing is not my natural talent and I really have been looking forward to getting the book out so I could go back out and play again. Wrong again! I’m wrong sometimes, just ask anyone who knows me.

Like many who have been so directed, I will continue to post journals until the Lord releases me.

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In His Service

Gregory Klecker

20 January 2010

Prophetic Journal for 2010 Part I

prophetic journal

When I woke this morning, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me about 2010. But first, let me share a brief dream about movement in the heavens. I was put on the spot to preach to a mixed group of people, some who were Christians and others who were not yet saved. I found myself challenged on what it was God wanted me to deliver as the group was so diverse and the world was still in much war and the mood of the people politically strained. I felt as though I needed to confront some issues but felt a deal of heaviness in the room. Suddenly an angel entered the room and I was catapulted to the pulpit. I mean I took flight! Immediately I had the strength and renewed sense of strength to say what needed to be said and addressed.

For the next few days I reflected on the dream and how it actually translated in terms of the what, where, and when. It then dawned on me that the Lord was dispatching His army of angelic hosts for this time. A refreshing blast of His freeing presence sent to minister to the saints in the midst of the battle field. What great timing! There is nothing more rejuvenating than being in the presence of His divine angels because the reality on the earth is encounters with strongholds. The fact that God is sending His messengers in this time is very strategic, exciting and brings hope for the battles ahead.

This is an arena of God's providence which I have personally experienced throughout the years but have taken for granted. And as I feel the increase of movement I recall in biblical history that God’s angels have diversified roles and expressions of His multifaceted character including warring! The bible is full of true accounts of divine angelic intervention and activity especially in war times. The apostle John when in chains on the island of Patmos was sent an angel to communicate the things to come; to issue warnings to seven types of churches representing providences, and reveal a panoramic view of not only wars but the activity in the heavens.

Most importantly are the specific strategic heavenly angelic assignments for certain events on the earth. It is interesting to note that John the apostle, a righteous man, persecuted and imprisoned and isolated on an island would be the recipient of an array of graphic details of the future - an unprecedented and never to be matched foretelling of world events! Angels were sent to minister to him during that revelatory time. Angels then are necessary links to arming the saints. Not to be deified, worshipped or prayed to but placed by God to be recognized as performing His will and order in heaven and earth.

It is not by mere chance that the Greek translation for the regional leaders referred to is angels or messengers. This was a description of the mandate and responsibilities in their regions - to get the message from heaven and convey the information on the earth.

This hour is a very important and pivotal time in the world. As we approached the end of the year 2009 I felt the toll the last decade has taken on the church as a whole. It marked much change and a time of heavy labor and tilling of dry parched ground. While it has been a somewhat unpleasant journey, it should be noted that God has actually groomed the church for the end time ground taking in world affairs.

And despite what we think we are seeing unfolding in the natural, the natural or carnal eye often misses the positioning and movement in heavenly places. That which was revealed to John, and much more than was communicated to the seven providences in John’s letters is now unfolding before us. God is dispatching angels for the end time conquest to do His bidding.

A 2010 prophecy:

2010 will mark increase in movement from heaven that will cause tremors in the government. The politicians who have disgraced the constitution and opened the gates of hell through perverted laws and bills will become fearful and act utterly stupid because God is about to confound the wise. God will confront His enemies which will include those in the ecclesiastical venue who seek to trample out the Jewish and Christian heritage.

2010 and forward God is going to issue an indictment on terrorism and He will punish the doers of evil. One of the functions of the four-horseman will be to deliver a mighty blow to the originators of anti-Semitic and anti-Christian demonic powers and strongholds that have stirred up strife against the elect.

On this first day of 2010, it was revealed that this is going to be a year of God's government. Ten is the number for government and this is the year the church will take flight and be released into positions of authority. Many will be pushed out of the nest of infancy and begin to fly. God's people are now being delivered from being weak and passive and will now start confronting evil. They will do so with grace and wisdom and not come under falsehood or entrapment of being politically correct.

On this first day of 2010, the yoke of the world's issues are to be declared by God's people as transferred to the heavens. Is 9:6 ...and the government rests on His shoulders.
God's people will be promoted according to their obedience and be placed in positions of authority to do something about the condition in their providence. John's vision and warnings to the providences were so we could learn the rules of engagement and see what is behind the scene.

This will be the year that the church now draws boundary lines and makes declaration 'This is our ground and you will not defile it!' This is the year when God's people will call out the political spirit and expose it before men and angels. This year marks the year of the confronters who have been trained in the art of war in the secret place of the Most High God. Their power and strength come from the Lord and no enemy can predict their next move. This is the year that the church will not be able to stay in one place and remain stagnant because God is on the move!

Issues America has experienced in this last decade are much like an invasion of locusts and even parasites. This plague is a wake up call to the church. 2010 is a year to get it right with the Lord and make a unified stand against tyranny and disorder. It is God’s heart to bring blessing and show forth that He is a God to be feared and consulted.

Joel viewed a locust plague that ravished the county as God’s judgment on the people and called them to repentance. Using this catastrophe as a dire warning, the prophet Joel went on to depict the advent of the day of the Lord and its final judgments and blessings in Joel 2:28 The New Oxford annotated bible.

In this hour God is saying “Blow the trumpet in Zion His people …. Gather the people…sanctify the congregation…… Let them say “spare your people, Oh Lord…I will no longer make you a mockery among nations. I will repay you for the years that the locust have eaten…..Then afterward, I will pour out My spirit on all flesh; your sons shall prophecy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. Even male and female slaves, in those days I will pour out My Spirit.( Joel 2).

Then He began to reproach the cities in which most of his deeds of power have been done, because they did not repent. “Woe to you Chorazin! (city north of the Sea of Galilee were Jesus performed many mighty works, He pronounced judgment on it because it did not repent and believe) Woe to you Berthsaida! For the deeds of power done in Tyre (ancient seaport north of Palestine, sister city of Sidon) and Sidon (city on the Mediterranean coast where Jesus performed miracles in the outskirts, noted for its artistic works, skilled tradesmen, schools of learning in sciences, arithmetic and school of law), they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes. But I tell you, on the day of judgment it will be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon than for you. And you Capernaum, (city of much of Jesus’ ministry and town where Jesus again pronounced judgment for its’ unbelief) will you be exalted to heaven? No, you will be brought down to Hades. For if the deeds of power done you had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day. But I tell you that on the day of judgment, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom than for you.”

At that time Jesus said, “ I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and the intelligent and have revealed them to infants; yes, father, for such was your gracious will. Come to Me all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me: for I am gentle and humble at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.” Mt 11:20-28

The message for this hour in 2010 is to draw attention to God’s heart for these cities that have experienced an exodus of His presence – most of which has been a result of unbelief . In Jesus ministry the New Testament recorded specific appeals He made to cities, and how He went to the Father often and petitioned heaven for the people in those cities that were experiencing a spiritual death. Most importantly is the fact that Jesus put the responsibility on the priests who metaphorically speaking couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I mean God walked into town and performed great exploits and was rejected by the religious folk. (More about this in detail in part II.)

So now in 2010 why is God making an appeal to cities? He is actually exposing some long-standing deception and blowing a trumpet announcing that He is coming back to pay us a visit. The priests who have for so long asked Him why He left are realizing they made some errors along the way that have lead to a time of obscurity.

The great news about this is, while it is the nature of God to discipline His people, Oh how pleasant it is when the Father – who has put us on the right path again sets His face toward us and pours out a blessing! And this is the hour when God is going to give the church a powerful sword of truth and authority to move through cities and proclaim once again He is King.

Revival cities:

God is going to once again visit cities in ruins and dry bones. God has dripped honey in the most unlikely towns all over the world and brought deep revelation and maturity to many of his servants.

Detroit Michigan will experience renewal in the renaissance including the arts, music and dance. Businesses will be attracted to this and sister cities like Detroit which are birthplaces for great talent. I personally worked in a suburb of Detroit as a policeman. Every time I visit that City my heart goes out for what appears to be such loss and abandonment. However, lately I have been seeing in the spirit this city is actually going to be a hub in the years ahead. It will be a strategic place that will house headquarters for missions, printing presses, moviemakers and the performing arts. It is God’s pleasure that people are once again dancing and this time for something far greater than the fame of MOTOWN.

The bible belt will burst at its seams and those who have applied themselves to His Word will carry the torch of last day revival and will be able to release spiritual, mental and physical healing into pockets that have been plagued with witchcraft. The Carolinas, Georgia, Louisiana, and Ohio will host great praise fests and revivals so vast that outdoor gatherings will be necessary.

As the United States commerce takes a fateful turn toward the European management trend, North Carolina which is central for banking, will turn out executives who will get saved and defect from the worldly system. They will use their experience in commerce to protect the church and preserve world missions from being stripped of their resources. All the more reason to reach out to those who have been disciplined this last year for the mismanagement of hard-earned American business and investment dollars.

The east coast will morn as they realize that as gatekeepers of the threshold of freedom established by pilgrims who fled from England have yielded to invaders. Ministries from the south will be instrumental in revival and dismantling dens of witchcraft that have caused spiritual death for centuries.
California will see a promotion of Christians into government who will be instrumental in arm wrestling and defeating the increasing tide of immigrants who come to this nation to only take and pillage.

Much of Canada will turn to Christ and find refuge in the U.S as a friend. Our military will be engaged in the protection of the borders in a time of temptation by invaders.

Many unemployed will find work when the U.S. begins to tap into its’ natural resources.

As a result of revival, those who have faithfully labored in missions will be aided by more manpower. God is pleased with what the United States has produced by way of missionaries. He will see to it that they receive help and angelic protection in the cause of spreading the gospel.


I am not quite clear on how the Lord is going to deal with radical Islam and the encroachment toward our boarders by those who participate in terrorism, but in due time a message will be sent in a big way. God has His eyes on terrorism and He will deliver recompense on those who plot to destroy Israel and further their cause in the United States. This may be several strategic military strikes which will have His favor or a supernatural act from the Lord of Hosts that would result in the attention of the world being directed to the Middle East. If I had a choice - I chose the latter as it is clear from the scriptures that these acts will occur –especially in the Middle East.

People in the United States must keep there eyes open and both discern and confront encroachments into our boarders. Being passive and accepting of those who bash this great nation is unconscionable and unacceptable. I believe God has given us a mandate to draw a line in the sand and make it plain that America is a great nation and we will fight to preserve our great heritage. This will require a seasoned boldness to address and confront this foreign radical sect from bringing harm to our citizens. This means proactive participation in government and in universities who will unknowingly be host to sleepers who can gain easy access to privileged information.

Racial and ethnic challenge:

On the home front, racial tensions will reach a boiling point and it will be the Church who will be the peacemakers. God is going to use persons who have become free from racial hatred to instruct and divert a clash of racist attitudes by exposing racism and putting it in perspective as a learned behavior over generations. This is going to require a close inspection of our own attitudes that we have developed over the years.

In His Service,

Greg Klecker

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